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Facts about this WEB-site

My name is Georg Fischer (04.01.1940), born in Vienna, Austria.

A short story about this web-site. It is the third web-site about old Tibetan scripts I have published. The first named
and include the full explanation of Indian scripts in Tibet. The content: Lantsha, Vartu in contradicton to Ranjana script, ZhangZhung script and some old Bon-Scripts. You can download the Lantsha ttf.files.

The second named
and include 54 old Dakiniscripts. You can download the full range of all ttf.files

Many trips to Tibetan and Indian monasteries opend up new resources of different special and uncommon monastery scripts from old Lamas.

Searching many years for materials I bought in Lhasa and in other tibetan and chinese cyties a lot of old Tibetan pechas, books and a lot of old and new printed material. It's now time to publish all this exiting often unknown and forgotten prints.

If you are interested in my buddhist background click at and see under biography.