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Years ago the Quinghai National Language Press (mtsho sngon mi rigs dpe skrun khang gis par du bskrun) published some pages in an old Tibetan block styled script. ( dbyangs ldan yig gsar ) But this script is not comparable with the "Phags-pa script " . In this published pages the text is written like the normal Tibetan script horizontal from left to right, syllabify by a little stroke instead of the normal "tsheg ". This scriptstyle remembers rather to be in junction with the " smar-chen" script.

Usually the so called " Tibetan block style script " is written from top to bottom similarly to the "Phags-pa ". In the normal Tibetan script the vowels are placed above the consonant, on the contrary in the block style the vowels i,e and o, are placed below their consonant.
In the same way the Tibetan marks "shad " and "nyis shad " are written horizontal from top to bottom. There exist no little dot called the "tsheg ", which terminates normally the syllable.

The published letters of the Quinghai ( mtsho sngon zhing chen ) text are used for writing Tibetan text and for transliterating Sanskrit text in Tibetan letters (rgyug bris ). Including reversed Tibetan letters and vowels for the transliteration of Sanskrit texts and Sanskrit clusters.

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dbyangs ldan yig gsar

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